As professional fence installers, we can guarantee any type of fencing be set up professionally and in a very timely manner. We have a few crews of very experienced installers that plan out and execute every step of the installation process. When you go with a professional crew, you can count on not having and surprises when it comes to your fence. Below we’ll go into some of the types of fencing that we offer and install the most. From wood, and aluminum to vinyl and chain link, we can install any type of fence that you may want!

Fencing Installation

Wood fences are the classic fence most people think of first, they’re fantastic for making anything from privacy fences to wooden picket fences. Ever since people started marking out land lines long ago, they’ve been using wood fences. Wood offers a certain baseline level of protection and is available everywhere, so it’s a great fencing option. To this day, wood fences are still among the most popular. The low cost and flexibility style and stain-wise are what’s kept it so mainstream, it’s just hard to beat!

Image result for fencing installationNo other fencing material can match the affordability, strength, versatility, and ease of maintenance that aluminum offers. Aluminum is similar to any other metal fence of course, but it tends to be a more versatile medium and a bit cheaper. The lack of maintenance required is one of the biggest upsides to it, the most you’ll have to do is hose off your fence to wash any big things off, you don’t have to worry about repairing and fixing things like rust. Aluminum fences come in a huge variety of designs, sizes, and configurations so that you can really find something YOU like and not settle for the norm.

We can build physically and visually intimidating fences around whatever you may need, from an airport to a college sports field, we can handle a job of any caliber. Our high security fences are designed to keep your things in, and unwanted things out. Experience is the big difference maker here, it’s no small task to plan out and execute a large scale job, but we have years of experience behind us doing just that so you can trust us to handle the job. Chain link tends to be the most popular choice when it comes to commercial fencing, it’s long lasting, secure, and on the more affordable side. You probably actually see a chain link fence every day of your life, whether you of a neighbor has one. It’s important that you keep your things secured and safe, and fencing is a simple but vastly effective means of doing that.

Wood Fencing

Building a deck is large undertaking, we don’t just jump into building right away. With something like this you have to plan out the layout based on the space available to you, and from there you figure out accessories and finishes. Whether you have your dream design in mind or need help with every step, we’re here to give as many or few ideas as you want. We can make your dreams a reality! Whether you want to host parties and cook or just sit back and read your book in the sun, we can help you get the perfect deck. We can also install railings on your porch too, even in different materials like wood, aluminum, etc.

So, whether you need a deck, a commercial fence, or just a simple wooden privacy fence around your home, we’re your people. You don’t want just anyone doing your fencing work. It’s so easy for one thing to go off and you end up with an uneven fence that needs to fixed as soon as it’s done. When Smithfield fencing company does the job, you can rest assured that it’ll be done correctly the first time around. It’s also nice to know that your fence is going to stand strong through just about anything, you’re not going to have to worry about a bad thunderstorm blowing it over or anything like that. Fencing may seem simple in general, it’s not all too complex, but it’s the quality of workmanship that means a lot. When you have old pro’s doing the work, you know it’s going to last.