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Shipping containers are fantastic tools for a whole plethora of different uses. From at-home storage solutions to on-site construction material storage, a shipping container is the perfect thing to securely hold all of your stuff. Containers can be delivered onsite with only one truck, and can be then moved again anywhere you may need with just one truck. Maybe you’re moving to a smaller home and you know you won’t be able to store all of your things inside the house, a container would be perfect for both moving your things and storing other things once you do arrive. Kill two birds with one stone! The concept of having a storage container at your home or business or construction site can be strange, but it’s really a fantastic solution. They’re extremely secure, weather resistant, and can hold just about anything you may need or imaging.

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Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but by far the most common one is the 20 foot standard. This is what you’re going to find the large majority of the time, it’s just a nice constant size that makes transport and storage a lot easier. You can also find containers in 10 and 40 foot sizes, these are more for specialty needs but can still be found very readily if you need one. These are good for more specialized needs, like a 10 foot container could be perfect for your home storage needs and mean you won’t have a massive container drawing attention from your home. A 40 foot container could be perfect for your construction site storage needs, you can fit just about any tools and materials in there and rest assured that they’re secure. In the end it all comes down to your preference and what works best for you, we’re here to get you the container that you want! Containers with cargo doors are ideal for temporary storage. Containers without any doors are perfect for storing supplies and personal belongings. When selecting containers with storage doors, one should select from different sizes and shapes

It’s so important that you not only have a place where you can put those extra things when life starts to get too cluttered, but you are able to rest assured that it’s all staying safe. Let’s start on the strength of your average conex box. They’re designed and built to withstand years of going out for weeks at a time on the open ocean and surviving the salt water and harsh elements. You could leave this container outside for an entire year and when you come back to it, everything inside should be in perfect condition.

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One thing that shipping containers have over pretty much any type of large storage is mobility. Storage units are stuck in place and can be extremely inconvenient to get to, not to mention that you’re going to be stuck paying rent every month on it, whether you’re using it or not. Sheds can be good but you can easily run out of storage space, and they don’t have near the strength that a shipping container does. With your container, you can move it as you need to. Sheds are stuck in place, they’re going to stay where you put them.

When it comes down to making a final choice for your storage needs, you need to choose what’ll meet your needs best and offer you the most bang for your buck. On that note you can go ahead and eliminate storage units, not only are they inconvenient but those monthly fees are really going to add up over time. A shed is essential the weaker and inferior version of shipping containers Nashville TN. Not only is it not nearly as portable, but it’s far weaker and will serve you well for less time. SO if you want the best thing for you, you need to look into getting a conex container for all of your storage needs.