Before you do any steps and go any further, try to free up some space on your system containing lost files. The more free space your system has, the less likely that your old data might be written over. You will want to delete your old files and empty your recycle bin and browser cache as well. - If you haven’t had any data problems just yet, consider installing a data recovery program as a precautionary measure. The saying “prevention is always better than cure” is typically true in data recovery. The success rate of these data programs is fairly high, which makes a good insurance of your data in the event you lost it. After you have recovered your lost files, make sure that they are in the correct format. If you were trying to recover an application, make sure that it still runs. Even the best recovery software in the market today cannot really guarantee 100% results. If your files were overwritten by newer files, it will be corrupt. Word documents may have missing words, and applications may run. If this is the case, you might want to mend this with other special utilities available.